We can now provide self containment testing throughout New Zealand.

Self-Contained New Zealand


What we do?


Here at SCNZ in we specialise in the certification and conversion self-contained vehicles. We have qualified self-containment officers who can carry out self-containment tests for your vehicle, we are also the issuing authority so can supply you with self-containment cards, stickers and certificates, so the whole process can be done within 1 hour. We also carry out full camper van and motorhome conversions. We can even supply you with kits and appliances that you can install yourself. Find out more in our online shop!


What is self-containment and why do you need it?


Having your vehicle certified self-contained allows you to take full advantage of New Zealands most remote, beautiful and best of all FREE designated camping areas. A certified self-contained vehicle must comply with all of the NZS 5465 regulations and essentially be able to accommodate its inhabitants ablutionary and sanitary needs for a minimum of three days without any waste products being expelled into the environment.


Self-contained camper vans are accepted as being more environmentally friendly than your average camper van. Therefore, New Zealand and local counsels reward you with free campsite options that only allow self-contained vehicles, so you can explore more!