Recycled 25 litre water tank

25l recycled water tanks, non corroding, opaque material. Big enough for self-containment for 2 people. May have residual odour of food ingredients. Have been steam cleaned. dimensions: 450mm h by 275mm d by 275mm w (indicated price is per tank)


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Waste Tank Plumbing No1

Complete waste tank plumbing for self containment certification. Designed for kitchen height of approx 700mm and higher (based on our sink depth of 160mm) 32mm plumbing including smell trap, waste pipe and 25mm vent, fully assembled and ready to install. Fits directly onto our sink outlets. 

Best used with one of our 25 litre water tanks.


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Waste Tank Plumbing No2 (with in line water trap.)

This plumbing kit is designed to allow a lower kitchen counter height. It is suitable for kitchens approximately 600mm depending on the depth of your sink.  It includes the waste outlet for the sink (40-45mm hole), a special in line water trap, vent, and specially designed connectors to your tank to maintain a good seal. 

It is designed to be used with either our recycled 25 litre water tanks or our new 25 litre tanks, but can be used with others.


Please note;

  • It does not include the water tank cap, but when you purchase with our tanks we will fit the cap for you.
  • If you are also purchasing a sink from us the sink price will include the waste  outlet so please select the correct item form the drop down menu.



  • 1.01 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days