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Here at Self-contained Camper Vans New Zealand we are senior self-containment officers and also an issuing authority, so we can test your van, motorhome or caravan for you, issue with the certificates, stickers and cards for the window all within one hour. Check our rates below we have special prices for multiple vehicle tests i.e. you and your friends vans need to be tested at the same time so check our special offers below. All retests are free so don't worry if it doesn't pass first time you can remedy the problem and return for a re-test free of charge.

Single Vehicle On-site Test 100$


This service is for a single vehicle test when you bring the vehicle to us. We will check the vehicle for you and can issue you with the sticker, certificate and card immediately. If it is a new test and the vehicle hasn't had a S/C certificate before this includes both the first tests required.


Recommend 1 friend and book the checks together, and save 10$ per inspection. (90$ each)


Recommend 2 friends and book checks together, and save 15$ per inspection (85$ each)

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Mobile S/C testing 150$


If it is more convenient we can come to you. We provide all our testing services as a mobile services. You can save further by only paying the mobile service fee for one check i.e.;


Recommend 1 friend and book tests at the same time and location and only pay 120$ per person.


Recommend 2 friends and book tests at the same time and location and only pay 110$ per person.



The mobile service is restricted to within 20 km of Auckland city centre, or 15 km of our Dairy Flat address.


Call 021323140 to book






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Mobile Self-containment testing